Buyers Reviews

Bryanna Ingram is an agent that will treat you like their most important client. She will walk with you through the process rather than push you. She has the heart of the teacher (not a salesperson) to guide you through buying process! We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with her. We were first-time homebuyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. We met with a couple of realtors before Bryanna , but we knew instantly that she was the one for us. She is honest and hands-on and she really helped to take the pressure off of us. We never felt forced to make an offer and when we finally found the “one” and ended up in a bidding war, Bryanna walked us through every step of the negotiations, even suggesting that we write a letter to the sellers to explain why we thought they should choose us. We highly recommend her for all your real estate needs! Thanks again, Bryanna!

Marice & Ray (Buyer)

There are so many positive things I could say about Bryanna that it’s hard to know how to keep this review brief. Although I liked her warm, relaxed, responsive, and knowledgeable approach from the first time I met her, it wasn’t until I went through the process of actually buying a home (with her help) that I was able to more fully experience Bryanna’s true expertise. She walked me through every stage of the home-buying process with ease and was always there to answer questions, provide direction, and bring calm during stressful moments. She offered great suggestions about how to make an offer that had an increased likelihood of being accepted, and provided with me with valuable, spot-on instruction every step of the way. I can’t imagine having gone through the home-buying process (especially in this market) without Bryanna’s help, and I can’t thank her enough! I know for sure that without her help I would not have been successful in buying the beautiful home that I did, and I’m really grateful to have had Bryanna as my Realtor.

Sheila Benson (Buyer)

I would recommend Bryanna to anyone looking to sell their home and/or purchase a home. We first contacted her to complete a Comparative Market Analysis for our home, and also to understand the process of listing our home. Bryanna was responsive, helpful and informative. A few months later we were in touch again, ready to list our home and try and purchase our dream home. She was so quick to act, so incredibly helpful, knowledgable and supportive through the entire process. It felt like having your best friend, who is also a kick ass realtor, working beside you. Every step of the way, she provided clear direction/advice and was available to answer any questions we had (even when I had the same question over an over!). Such a wonderful experience! Thank you!!!

S. McRorie (Buyer)

Bryanna is a triple threat of an agent. She knows what her clients need, helps them navigate the super competitive market and she delivers results with expertise, honesty, and integrity! P.s. did I mention she is just an amazing human being and a pleasure to work with at every step of the way! Thank you Bryanna-you rock!

V& K (Buyer)

I’d first like to send a huge, THANK YOU, BRYANNA!!! Bry, went above and beyond to make my buying experience stress free. Waiting for all the little pieces to fall into place was the stressful part but even then she made me feel supported and informed every single step of the way. She’s incredible! As a first-time home buyer, I didn’t know a thing, what questions do I ask, what I look for while viewing the home………. VERY overwhelming for someone that is not in the building/trades industry. Bryanna knew how to help, she listened to my concerns and assisted me in connecting with specific people that helped me make the decision to BUY or not. Bryanna was not my agent, she was the listing agent for the home I was viewing but it didn’t matter, she honestly went over and above my expectations of a real-estate agent. It was an extremely quick turnaround from the day I viewed the home to the closing date of the purchase BUT Bryanna kept me calm and on track! I recommend giving her a call, not just because she helped me but because she’s genuinely there to help…….if she doesn’t have the answer she’ll find out and get back to you with someone to contact etc. If I was to EVER buy/sell I know who I am going to call and no it’s not the GHOSTBUSTERS…… Thank you again Bryanna, I truly appreciate your authenticity and your willingness to go above and beyond for others.

Florence Kushniruk (Buyer)

Simply put, you won’t find a better realtor. Bryanna is knowledgeable, professional, organized and high energy. Bryanna lead us through our first time buying a house. We had to buy a house site-unseen and rely on Bryanna’s expertise. She knew exactly what to look at beyond the cosmetics. She inspected every knoock and cranny and was able to point out concerns. It was clear she had our best interest in mind and wanted to ensure there were no surprises. She made us feel very comfortable buying a home site-unseen. Bryanna understood the importance of this hectic market and took no times to book appointments or complete paperwork. Bryanna knew exactly what we needed to be competitive buyers in this crazy market. Ultimately, Bryanna made us successful in a multi-offer situation and get the house of our dreams. You will not be disappointed with Bryanna. If you are looking for a realtor to get the job done, Bryanna is your gal.

E Gregorash (Buyer)

Bryanna was absolutely wonderful to work with in every way. My partner and I were looking to buy our first home and could not have asked for a better realtor. Bryanna went above and beyond to answer our million questions, some questions probably two or three times, never did she get frustrated or talk down to us. Bryanna is VERY knowledgeable about the market and so approachable- she is honestly just fantastic. She took the time to explain every detail and made sure we were asking the right questions. She was able to educate us on how to make our offers stand out while also staying in our comfort zone and not pushing us in a direction we did not want to go. I would 100% recommend Bryanna to any of my family or friends. Thank you Bryanna for being such a pleasure to work with, you made the experience so fantastic.

D Taylor (Buyer)

I’m a first time home buyer, and Bryanna made me feel like I knew what I was doing! Bryanna was quick to respond to all my questions, kept me in the loop with frequent updates, she was willing to drive all the way to Haines Junction on a day or two’s notice, and help me negotiate and buy my first home in what I imagine was record breaking time. I had possession within almost a month of the house going on the market and the process, although inherently stressful, was a breeze.

C Guillemette (Buyer)

Bryanna helped us with buying our first home. Let me just say, if you’re on the fence trying to decide which realtor to go with. Stop. Right. Here. You will not find anyone better in this town. Bryanna’s knowledge, guidance, attentiveness, honesty, kindness just gos above and beyond. Buying a first home is a scary process, but Bry made everything go so smoothly. She happily answered our million questions, she kept us well informed on so many things we never even thought of. Whether you’re buying or selling, Bryanna truly cares about her clients. Thank you for findings our dream home Bry! We just love ya!

J & R (Buyer)

After receiving a recommendation from some clients of mine, I contacted Bryanna to help me purchase a home. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the Whitehorse housing market, and was very helpful and accommodating during the process. It made things much easier for me as I bounce back and forth between Whitehorse and Dawson City and had to do most of this remotely. We were able to find a place and quickly purchase it avoiding the usual bidding wars that have been the norm. She is thorough and really goes the extra mile. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the area.

N. Savoie (Buyer)

Bryanna was absolutely incredible to work with!! I was a young, single first time home buyer and she walked through every step with me and made me feel important to her. She was always available and on it! Her kind, caring, funny personality made her so much fun to work with at every step.

Z Westerby (Buyer)

Whether you are looking for your first house to call home or simply a new home, I highly recommend Bryanna!!! Not only Bryanna is the BEST Real Estate Agent with such high professionalism with knowledge, she can provide you answers you ask without feeling “hanging”. Before working with Bryanna, my partner and I were actively looking for our first home for several months. At that time, we were working with a different real estate agent. Fortunately(?) couple of properties we liked, had some questionable bits (related to permits and etc) and when questions were asked, we would get super vague answers or simply “I don’t know, I would need to get back to you on that” from the realtor and this was very frustrating overtime and disappointing. During those process, we were extremely stressed and unsure if we were ready or not because it almost felt like a gamble- was not feeling secure at all and slowly just… lost our confident. Near the end, we felt like as if we were wasting time. When we were “struggling”, my colleague at the time referred us to Bryanna. Prior to this, someone else had mentioned Bryanna as well, so we were really interested to actually meeting her in person. The first meeting we had, Bryanna asked many questions and advised us with lots of information that can be used for us to proceed further with finding our future home. Answered all the questions we had even before we asked. Shared really helpful tips to remember/know as a first time home buyer etc etc. Bryanna took a big part in our first home buying experience and we loved it! Through all the stressful and overwhelming moments we had, Bryanna was there to help us thoroughly as well. If you are looking right now, absolutely call/contact Bryanna. You will not regret at all. Thanks Bryanna, keep up the good work!!!…

D Kang (Buyer)

You should call Bryanna! The enthusiasm, drive, professionalism, and care she takes with her clients is second to none. If you hit a snag on your real estate journey, she’s on it! We highly recommend you call Bryanna for your real estate needs – you will be soooo glad you did!

R Wohlfarth (Buyer)

Bryanna was absolutely wonderful to work with. She listened intently to our housing needs/wants, and took the time to get to know us as a couple and find the perfect home that fit what we were looking for. We never felt any pressure to put an offer in and always felt supported by her. As first time home buyers she made the process easy and stress free.

C January (Buyer)

Bryanna is undoubtedly the best realtor in Whitehorse. We have an excellent experience in dealing with her. She is a dedicated professional and goes extra mile to help her clients. We were looking for our dream house in Whitehorse and she helped us by arranging a few viewings via Skype (using the technology to the fullest!) as we were not in town. She doesn’t only help us find the right house but, also helped us work with the builder throughout the construction of our house so that the finishing gets done to our liking/satisfaction. I have been recommending her to my friends and would like to recommend her to anyone who is looking for any sort of professional real estate services. Way to go Bryanna, keep it up!

S Ahmed (Buyer)

Bryanna did an amazing job of helping me find my gem! She took everything I said into account and worked hard to show me a variety of homes within my price range. When I was ready to put in an offer, her experience made the entire process much less stressful. I would highly recommend Bryanna as your realtor.

E Ross (Buyer)

I highly recommend Bryanna. She’s patient, knowledgeable and kind. I was a complicated client. Despite my taking 9 months to get into the position to buy, she responded to my every question along the way. If I needed assistance outside of real estate, she had an excellent contact for me. Without ever placing pressure on me, she was always ready to show me a home. Once I was ready she showed me the perfect home and the process was seamless. She’s energetic, thoughtful, responsive, knowledgeable and always with a smile! Thank you Bryanna for everything!!!

L. Frizzell (Buyer)

Bryanna was incredible to work with! As first time home buyers, Bryanna took the time to teach us everything there is to know about real estate. She visited well over a dozen homes with us and remained patient. She never pressured us, and provided great professional advice throughout our homebuying process.

I cannot thank Bryanna enough for all of her hard work. She always brought honest advice and a positive attitude to each conversation. In a competitive seller’s market, she went to bat for us and worked hard to find us a home. I highly recommend Bryanna! You couldn’t ask for a better realtor.

M Young (Buyer)